Maureen & Richard Rouse
            My husband and I first met Dina Yando when we lived on Bay Ave in Huntington, Long Island, just around the corner from where we live now.  Our first impression of her was how knowledgeable and passionate she was about flowers and planting.  Our neighbor across the street from us at the time had introduced her to us.  We have been forever grateful to them since.  Since then we moved nine years ago to our new home in Long Island.  We have a backyard with a magnificent view overlooking Hungtington Bay.  The back landscape is on a very steep slope with overgrown brush surrounding it.  My husband, Richard, was first to start clearing the brush and discovered some fifty-year-old azalea brushes underneath.
            Dina created a magnificent garden down below with several levels of over a thousand bulbs and bushes and some small trees.  She also had a stone patio done down below our deck.  Most people feel like they’re in Italy or another country when they see everything.  What Dina created for us is a very beautiful haven that we cherish and spend most of our time in the warmer months enjoying.
            Dina Yando is not only our flower girl but she has also become our friend and a part of our family.

Joan Reigot
            Dina Yando had designed a very uniquely beautiful landscape plan many years ago that has matured to a low maintenance delight.

Phyllis & Harvey Rogoff
            Our association with Dina Yando has taken us from landscaping plans to plantings to yearly maintenance.  The fact that we have been together for over 19 years speaks for itself.  Not only a talented landscaper but also a good person and one who is easy to work with.

Dina Yando
(631) 223-2623