Landscape is an investment of your home – anywhere up to 20% or more of your home’s value. You should treat it as the important integral part it is.

The Services we offer:

From small perennial garden corner to a total design of the property – siting water features, pools, patios, driveways, walkways, outdoor structures, recreation features (bocce, tennis, etc), and the re-design/restoration of older properties. We seek to work with our clients to address their needs plus the functionality yet seek to educate them to sound horticultural practices avoiding the ever abundant “more is better” policies seen all around us – a waste of plant material that quickly becomes overcrowded stressing the plants leading to the demise of good plant material.

We treat every design project as the unique entity that it is – the property’s orientation to the sun, wind and compass directions, soil conditions, and topography – all things within and off site that might impact it. It will never be a “ditto” of another project, which so many landscaping companies produce.

Design implementation of projects from and form of masonry, decks, driveways, the overseeing of pool projects, the making of gardens and lawns.

We look to maintain what we have designed and installed. We wish to keep the natural shapes of plant material as we have designed with plant maturity in mind. We seek to guide our clients in maintaining their properties in simple natural sustaining practices we schedule seasonal maintenance that encompasses varies times in order to address specific pruning, feeding, cleaning, and mulching times to the various material in one given landscape. We can and do continuously work with each client’s budgetary need to give them the best program possible. We also maintain gardens that we did not design as well.

Container Plantings
The design and implementation of seasonal plantings in all sizes and shapes of containers – with our embellishments of trellises, garden statuary/focal pieces – creating a garden oasis for any patio or space desired. As an added service we maintain containers on a monthly basis to keep all plants blooming more prolifically and to maintain proper root to top growth balance.

Designing/Integrating Edible Features
The addition of vegetables, fruit, herbs to be integrated into client’s landscape as practical, ornamental, tremendously sensory, and truly gratifying to enjoy the “fruits” of our labors.

The sharing of detailed information for the client who wishes to tackle much of the work and organizing of their own landscape. For an hourly fee Dina will walk the property, with the client, making suggestions and give a detailed written summation at appointment’s end for client to follow. She enjoys working at any level to bring sound practices and ideas together for the ultimate benefit to her clients. We work closely with various professionals – arborists, lawn maintenance companies, masons, irrigation companies, and various craftspeople who share the same visions and we carefully orchestrate all our projects into one cohesive whole.

Dina Yando
(631) 223-2623

Our association with Dina Yando has taken us from landscaping plans to plantings to yearly maintenance. The fact that we have been together for over 19 years speaks for itself. Not only a talented landscaper but also a good person and one who is easy to work with.
~Phyllis & Harvey Rogoff