Dina Yando holds degrees in both ornamental horticulture (associates in applied science) and landscape architecture (5 year bachelor of landscape architecture). She spent 4 years studying and apprenticing in Kyoto, Japan in which time she immersed herself in Japanese culture. She came away with a good basis of the design philosophy “less is more” – a simple elegance of design principles and the understanding of how natural elements (stone, water, plant material) integrate to create a strong conceptual and practical with sound horticultural practices at the core.

Since the company’s inception in 1992 – the organic approach has been at its foundation. From sound planting and pruning practices to the use of organic materials to feed plants – it’s been our only way not just a fad. We were organic long before it became a mainstream word. Many lawn companies laughed at our mulching, composting, and belief in slowly building plants from the roots up until as of late when they have started to understand the need to work with nature rather than against it. We are all (as a culture) starting to understand the need to keep harmful chemicals and practices out of our houses and our landscapes. It has even become a legal issue – and a very important one at that.

We have worked on many different sites – residential, commercial mostly of Long Island, yet other areas by request in our various capacities. We look forward to working with your unique site.

Dina Yando
(631) 223-2623

Our association with Dina Yando has taken us from landscaping plans to plantings to yearly maintenance. The fact that we have been together for over 17 years speaks for itself. Not only a talented landscaper but also a good person and one who is easy to work with.
~Phyllis & Harvey Rogoff