Landscape Philosophy

Dina Yando has studied landscape from its large broad applications of land use planning to the intricate details of color and texture in the residential garden. She understands that landscape is dynamic not static. From design to completion, careful thought and choice of materials is given – how hardscape materials maintain their integrity and weather, how plant material grows into maturity and how important is the placement of these elements in order to provide maintenance to keep the original design vibrant and sustainable. She chooses these elements for every site specific as each and every landscape should have its own ‘genius loci’ or specifically unique sense of place. From her roots of study in both horticulture and landscape architecture; she very seriously practices the meaning of being a steward of the land.

The mission of this company is to bring the client their own type of sanctuary – a place to restore one’s inner peace while being in harmony with the larger ecological system around us. She will bring sound ecology, good design aesthetic, and address the specific functions that her client needs to their site specific. It’s not about her, it’s all about you – the client – and how to design and work with nature.

Dina Yando
(631) 223-2623

Dina Yando had designed a very uniquely beautiful landscape plan many years ago that has matured to a low maintenance delight. ~Joan Reigot